As Simple or
Complex as You
Need it to Be.

FV Decipher is the premier online survey and reporting solution for insights professionals in both Enterprise and Research Agency environments. It combines engaging collection tools, real time crosstabs and data reporting, and the ability to simplify and accelerate your survey programming.


Only FV Decipher Delivers:

The Professional Choice

Helps Enterprises and Research Agencies do their jobs better, faster and more efficiently.

Mobile-First Technology

Designed from the ground up for the mobile world.

Industry-Leading Services

No other competitor provides as much support.

Robust Reporting

Ensures that every stakeholder is informed and no stone is left un-turned.

FV Decipher Does That.

Effortless Data Imports, including ConfirmIt

Insights pros can now easily transfer data, no matter how complex, without special programming knowledge. This includes conversion of ConfirmIt survey projects, where all elements and logic are converted into FV Decipher’s structure in a matter of seconds.

Industry Leading Mobile Deployment

Fully optimized with mobile-first, responsive design to work with virtually any device. Reach participants anywhere, any time, on the device of their choice.

Visualized  Before your

1-Click to PowerPoint helps you create dashboards immediately, so you can spend your time delivering insights, not making slides.

FV Decipher: World Class Benefits
and Results

Supports more than 100 question types and variations

60 million completes
per year

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